Saturday, September 7, 2013

Empaths and Biology, Part 4

     Last time we discussed the traits of a highly sensitive person, and it led me to ask the question:  Are all empaths highly sensitive, and are all highly sensitive people empaths?

     From what I've read, many writers equate the two.  An empath is highly sensitive, and highly sensitive people are empaths.  One writer, however, disagreed.

     Rose Rosetree, a trainer for empaths, believes that there are two main differences between empaths and highly sensitive people.  (If you're interested in taking her quiz to see if you are an empath, click here).  The two differences Rosetree sees are:
  • Highly sensitive people make up about 15-20% of the population.  Empaths make up about 5%.
  • Both highly sensitive people and empaths have a highly refined nervous system.  However, empaths go a step further, and are able to directly experience what it is like to be other people in a vivid, personal way.  Rosetree believes that the experience does not necessarily need to be emotional, but can occur in other ways.
     Rosetree offers a couple of books which explain how to survive as an empath.  I haven't read them, sorry, but you are free to look at them on her website or on Amazon. 

     Next time, I'll explore some survival tips for us empaths. 

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