Saturday, September 21, 2013

Are Empaths Psychic?

     While researching the biology of hypersensitivity and empathy, I developed a new question:  Are empaths psychic?  (Please be advised that the woo-woo alert is sounding).

     Many writers on the web and elsewhere believe that being an empath is a form of psychic knowledge.  They argue that the information that the empath receives -- usually in the form of feeling the emotions or physical symptoms of others -- is extra-sensory.  It is not a common gift.  It can be used to heal, if one chooses to open oneself up to the feelings of others and then act as a conduit to release these feelings into the Earth. 

      One writer, however, believes that empaths are NOT psychic.  Rose Rosetree (you can visit her website here) argues that empaths are not exhibiting psychic behavior because they do not usually work with a specific guide, their information is not objectively experienced, and the information they receive is not often experienced as a sudden "hit," but felt gradually. 

     First of all, I don't claim to be an expert in this area.  I know that I am an empath, but don't feel qualified to teach others in this gift.  That said, I can think of instances in which I did have sudden "hits" of emotion or physical symptoms from others, and while I acknowledge my guides (the woo-woo alert is really clanging away!), I don't necessarily have to go through them to receive my knowledge.  So, I guess I'll come down on the side that says that empaths are psychic.  More on my reasoning in next week's post.

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