Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Sad Twin Story

     I just read an online story about twin sisters, both in their 70s, who died at home within hours of each other.  They were found the next day by police who regularly checked on them.

     The sad part is that they became extremely reclusive in their older years.  They never socialized, didn't visit with the neighbors, rarely left their home, and even cut off contact with family.  People surmised that once one died, the other could no longer live without her twin and followed her in death.

     I realize that the twin bond is unique and very strong, but as a metaphor for the Twin Soul relationship, this is far from what it should be. 

     Many people think that Twin Souls become a world unto themselves, that they find complete fulfillment in each other, and that nothing else in the world compares to their relationship.  In some small ways that is true, but I believe that Twin Souls eventually find each other so that they can complete a work or act of service that exceeds their ability as individuals.  In The Gemini Bond, Rissa finds her Twin Soul for a greater purpose.  Similarly, my belief is that Twin Souls come together to better serve their world rather than escape from it. 

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