Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Thoughts on Random Thoughts

     I was driving home today thinking about thinking.  That is, I was thinking about how all the really great books I've loved over the years have included what the different characters are thinking, and how it relates to all the thoughts I go through every day.

     I think that writers need to be hyper aware of their own thoughts.  Look at Anne Lamott.  She bares all her darkest thoughts, makes them funny mainly because we recognize our own dark thoughts, and then shows her thinking about how she overcomes them.  I love her writing.  It's so honest.

     I think that being an empath also teaches us to be aware not only of our thinking but our feelings.  Sometimes I find I'm picking up someone else's anger or irritation and then hear my own thoughts about why I should feel angry or irritated.  When I recognize that my thoughts are following the feelings, I know the feelings weren't mine in the first place.  This isn't to say, of course, that I never get angry or irritated.  Have you seen me in traffic lately?

    That was my thinking about thinking today.  What do you think?

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