Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Psychics and Synchronicity

     Did you read the "Dear Abby" column last Saturday?  A young woman, soon to graduate from college with a major in social work, was writing because she was psychic.  She wanted to know if, during a conversation with a child, she "picked up" on abuse happening to the youngster, whether she was required to report it.  Abby wisely replied that she should rather use her psychic intuition to guide her interview with the child, and then use whatever information she gleaned from that to guide her actions. 

     As I read that article, I was struck at how similar this was to Rissa in The Gemini Bond.  Social worker, psychic, wanting to be helpful and do the right thing -- that is so like her!  And then I thought of how sometimes things happen in a meaningful way, as in synchronicity.  You know, Jung's idea that coincidence is far more than that.  And then I thought of The Tipping Point, a book which explains how a certain few can put things together to move the many.  In one example, Gladwell points to the "Mavens," who are people who put together information which gradually affects many people's viewpoints.  And then I thought of my little novel, my "master's dissertation on Twin Souls," as I've called it, and how people might find their questions about Twin Soul relationships answered in a new way.  And then I thought . . .

     . . . . well, I thought that my brain had hopped and skipped about quite enough for one day and let it rest.  Om.

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