Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dr. Seuss and Stars Upon Thars

     In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, which was yesterday, I thought I'd reflect on one of his wonderful books, The Sneetches and Other Stories.   The Sneetches are these tall, bird-like creatures that are constantly trying to be hip by having stars printed on their tummies, and when they see that everyone else has stars upon thars, they get theirs removed.  After they see that everyone else's tummy is bare of decoration, they go back and have a star put on again.  After a while, all they end up doing is getting stars put on and then taken off their tummies, until finally they realize how silly it all is. 

     I guess what made me remember that story is that I was checking the review status of The Gemini Bond at and noticed that it has achieved a 4/5 star rating!  I was thrilled, and felt deep gratitude to my readers (thank you!).  But then I remembered the Sneetches and how ephemeral stars really are.  My novel came from my heart and from my experiences, and I need to stand in my own truth rather than focusing on what others think of my work.  It's hard though, in this world where branding and external affirmation is everything. 

     I guess I'll just be happy with my stars and keep focusing on my inner voice.

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