Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up

     It's been one of those days.  On the down side, I received my latest proof of the paperback version of The Gemini Bond and the "T" (in "The") was floating off somewhere into outer space.  And I had ordered all these extra copies to start to send to reviewers, who don't seem to be knocking themselves out (but see below) to answer my emails. 

     Thumbs down.

     One a more positive note, however, as I checked my emails I did receive a reply from one reviewer.  Yes!  And she's not asking me to pay her nine hundred bucks like another reviewer did (are you kidding me???). 

     Thumbs up.

      So, the saga continues.  The paperback is coming.  I'm just getting a lesson in patience.

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