Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some Metaphysical Musings

     Yesterday, I watched as our neighbor packed up his huge RV and took off for adventures unknown.  He does that from time to time, always coming back looking tired but happy.  I can only imagine, somewhat jealously, what experiences he's enjoyed. 

     When I think of Twin Soul relationships, it must have been that zest for new experiences that caused the once-unified soul to agree to split into two.  I know my Twin has experienced things I can only imagine, and I'm sure my Twin would say the same thing about my life. 

     Imagine, then, what the great Oneness thought when It decided to split into galaxies and stars and planets and people and animals and plants and bugs and fish and amoebas and water molecules and millions and millions of other things we can scarcely envision.  What sort of love for these myriad lives and their experiences drove the One into Manyness?  And how many of we, the Many, realize that we are all parts of the One? 

     It's all enough to make you want to drink a cold one under the shade of an RV canopy somewhere, isnt' it?

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