Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Connecting with my Twin Soul

     I guess I really haven't talked about how I have experienced connections with my Twin Soul.  Well, being an empath, you can probably guess that most of it come as emotions I feel that I know aren't mine or that don't belong to people around me (although most of the time that I've felt my Twin's emotions, I've been alone).

     I've also seen flashes of scenes, like a quick photograph, in my mind.  These are places or things I've never seen either in real life or on TV or in magazines.  One, like a lonely row boat tied to shore, a moody grey sky behind it.  Where I live, we don't see a lot of clouds like those. 

     I've also had experiences where I taste or smell things that aren't in my environment -- like the pungent, earthy scent of horses and fresh hay.  I got that while working around the house.  Definitely not part of my environment at the time.

     But most interesting are the songs.  I think some were sent as messages, like when my Twin was in the Big Apple and I heard playing in my head over and over, "New York, New York."  It was enough to make me crazy.

     But, perhaps you've decided that I already am.

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