Saturday, September 10, 2011

Read an Article about 9/11

     I was reading an article in today's paper about a man who lost his brother on 9/11.  His brother had been on the flight that crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.  The man described his brother as "the other part of his soul," as the one who completed him in ways no-one else did.  Since his brother's death, the man has been active talking to school kids about the events of 9/11, has been writing songs and essays about his experiences, and has been teaching his own students (he's a high school teacher) about the fragility of life and how precious it really is.  His loss has opened him up to a greater service.

     I think that describes the Twin Soul relationship.  It is not about finding someone to fill a deep need, but rather serves as an impetus to become a better person, with a larger heart and a deeper soul.  It should not be about selfish pleasure, but cause one to want to be of service in reminding others about what life is, and how dear it is.  It should not be about possessing another, but about giving our selves away. 

     As we remember the events of that awful September day, I hope that we all take the challenge to open our hearts to grow, forgive, love, and hope for better days to come.  Amen.

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