Saturday, October 2, 2021

An Intriguing Book

      Can you imagine what you would ask if you were able to converse directly with your guides and the higher spirits in the eternal realm?  For starters, you could ask about your purpose in life, the reasons for certain challenges, what you have yet to learn, why certain people seem more connected to you than others, or how to regain balance and healing.  What an opportunity for receiving wisdom!

     Well, there is a book that details several people who did just that.  Using a hypnotherapy protocol developed by the late Dr. Michael Newton, his trained therapists describe these situations in the wonderful book, Wisdom of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives From The Michael Newton Institute.  

     Although it uses the specific examples of their clients' lives, the wisdom that they receive is timeless and relevant to every life.  I know that I highlighted several passages that gave me insight to some situations that I face.  I believe you will benefit from this book's wisdom, too.  Highly recommended.

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