Saturday, October 9, 2021

An Intriguing Book, Part 2

      Last week we discussed the book Wisdom of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives From The Michael Newton Institute, which describes how various people underwent a specialized hypnotherapy protocol called Life Between Lives.  In this therapy, the person is guided to see not only past lives but also the interim, when the soul meets with its guides, goes over the life just past, plans for the next one, and meets with its soul group.  It's a fascinating read.

     It seems to me that the soul is often on Earth to learn lessons and heal the past.  For example, one patient had recurring stomach issues which stemmed from her fear and anger over childhood neglect and an abusive relationship.  Interestingly, it also had to do with anger that she could not "stomach" in a past life in which she killed a woman who had killed her baby by shaking it too much.  Rather than learning to forgive and let go, she held on to the anger, which carried over into the present life.  Her current lesson was to forgive, take care of herself, and extricate herself from abusive and negative situations.   

     While the life details are unique and individual, I found that I could relate to many of the themes they covered.  I think you will, too.  

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