Saturday, October 16, 2021

An Intriguing Book, Part 3

      I've been raving about a wonderful book I discovered, Wisdom of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives From The Michael Newton Institute.  It details how various people come for a particular hypnotherapy protocol in which they are guided to see the interim existence between lifetimes.  I kept wondering what I would learn if I could meet my guides, my soul group, and the council of elders in the eternal plane.

     Many of the patients found in their Life Between Lives session that they were here on Earth to learn lessons or to heal the past.  Still others had contracts to fulfill.  One fascinating story tells of a man who found that his past life was as a child in a Nazi concentration camp.  He strove to maintain a positive attitude in such horrific circumstances, and made a special point to always look one particular guard in the face.  He felt, intuitively, that this guard had children of his own and the boy wondered how he could do the terrible things he did to children like his own.  Finally, the boy was ushered to the gas chambers by this very guard.  The boy faced his death bravely, holding hands with another child and not succumbing to fear or panic at the last moments.

     Interestingly, the man found out that the Nazi guard from the past life was his own father in this lifetime.  He was informed that his role in the past life was to teach the man, now his father, to become more compassionate and not submit to orders which he knew were immoral.  This was due to a contract made between the two men, in which he agreed to live the brief life as the imprisoned child in order to help his father in this life to learn lessons.  It almost made me feel as if this life is a bit like a play, in which we play parts in various ways, and when the curtain falls, we assume a different part.  Fascinating reading.

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