Saturday, June 29, 2013

Half Moons and Twin Souls

     I was doing a bunch of errands this afternoon and noticed that it was a half moon, visible in the blue sky of daytime.  You don't see a moon like that everyday, and I paused a moment to marvel at it.

     It also got me to pondering.  The moon is always a sphere, although it may appear as only half when the sun doesn't shine on its other half.  That other half is visible somewhere, right?  In my romantic way of thinking, it's like Twin Souls.  My soul is made of this human unit currently writing in my blog and living a relatively happy life while the other half of my soul, my Twin, is currently doing whatever my Twin is doing and hopefully leading a relatively happy life as well.  Together, we are like the sphere of the moon, but my half is visible here and my Twin's half is visible somewhere else.  What will eventually unite us?  The sun of enlightenment, I suppose.  I still have so far to go . . .

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