Saturday, June 1, 2013

A Sweet Twin Soul Story

     I was reading The Collected Works by Kahlil Gibran and came across an enchanting story entitled "Ashes of the Ages and Eternal Fire."  It tells the tale of two lovers separated by centuries and how their souls recognized each other the instant their eyes met.  Here's a delicious quote:
She raised her head and looked at him with her soul . . . the look of a human which, in mighty silence, belittles the conventional words used amongst mankind; the expression which offers myriads of thought in the unspoken language of the hearts.  She bore the look of a person who accepts Love not as a spirit in a body of words, but as a reunion occurring long after two souls were divided by earth and joined by God.
Although Gibran doesn't specifically speak of Twin Souls, the fact that he has them recognize each other on a soul level after several centuries, in my opinion, parallels the idea of a Twin Soul reunion.  It's definitely worth reading.


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