Saturday, June 8, 2013

Another Sweet Twin Soul Story

     As I continued reading my collection of stories and poems by Kahlil Gibran, I read the story entitled "Madame Rose Hanie," which recounts the tale of a woman who left her materially wealthy husband for a poor man.  The whole town believed her to be a low life for having done so, but she explains to a stranger that although she had been wealthy in possessions, she was starving for love in the rich man's house.  When she listened to the call of her heart and left him to live with a impoverished man in his little hovel, she found the true wealth of love.  While I struggle with the idea of leaving one's mate for another (leftovers from my pious upbringing), I do understand her point of view, expressed so movingly here:
Today I am one with the man I love; he and I sprang out as one torch from the hand of God before the beginning of the world.  There is no power under the sun that can take my happiness from me, because it emanated from two embraced spirits, engulfed by understanding, radiated by Love, and protected by heaven.
Lovely, no?


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