Saturday, January 7, 2012

Woo-Woo or not Woo-Woo, that is the question

     A few days ago, I was talking about one of my latest research projects with someone who knows me rather well.  I was trying to explain to her how I needed to prove to myself why certain things are claimed; I couldn't just take some one's word for truth.  That's the sceptic in me, I guess. That's one vote for not woo-woo.

     This person looked surprised.  She knew me and my book, and thought I was totally woo-woo.  I then explained to her that my book was based on personal experiences about my Twin Soul that I couldn't completely discount, or even chalk up to insanity (well, most days).  The sceptic in me needed to research how my experiences fit in with science, mystical writings, and other references.  My logical mind needed to understand my woo-woo experiences.  The result of that, as you know, was The Gemini Bond.

     So am I woo-woo?  I would say I've had some extraordinary experiences (woo-woo) that have been balanced and analyzed by a sceptical mind (not woo-woo). 

     I guess that makes me woo.

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