Saturday, January 21, 2012

2012 and the Mayan Prophecies

     First of all, I'm no expert in Mayan culture or their concept of time.  However, like you, I've heard all about the supposedly dire predictions that the ancient Mayans made about this very year -- 2012. 

     Before you think I'm going to add to the hysteria, let me assure you that I'm going to offer a word of -- I hope -- common sense.  Yes, the Mayan calendar ends this year, but many people forget that the Mayan calendar is cyclical -- and by definition, that means there is no beginning or end. 

     Second, I read an account of what the present-day Mayans are doing this year.  They're partying!  They are looking forward to all the tourists who are going to come to central America this year to see the Mayan ruins and modern Mayan villages.  They're looking forward to a little prosperity!

     Third, I think it unwise to get caught up in the fear-based thinking that seems to accompany much of the talk about the Mayan predictions.  Face it, the people who are doing the scary talk right now are either selling books or TV programs, or are trying to find a way to overpower weak people for the purpose of taking advantage of them.  Don't buy into it. 

     Last, if we live in fear, we are transmitting that fear to our Twin Souls, and they in turn are transmitting that fear to the people in their lives.  It's like a virus epidemic via the Twin Soul cords!  Rather, let's choose to stay grounded, walk in love, and keep our minds clear and open. 

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