Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Twin Soul Cords

     In the last post, I referred to Twin Soul cords, and then later realized that perhaps that needs some explaining.

     One way to think of it is to recall what the ancient Hawaiians called the aka cords, which they described as threads of light which connected people to each other.  Some people, like us empaths, are very sensitive to what we receive through these cords.  We can receive all kinds of things -- emotions, physical symptoms, thoughts, mind-pictures, songs, recurring ideas, and so on. 

     Now, imagine --- with whom do you think your aka cord would be the strongest?  For many people, it is their immediate family or dearest friends, their spouses, their children.  For others, once they reach a certain point in their soul's evolution, it is their Twin Soul. 

     Whoa -- that sounds like spiritual snobbery, doesn't it?  That isn't my intention.  Rather, I look at it as whatever stage the soul has reached in terms of the lessons it needs to learn.  For many, it is learning how to deal with survival, or working through relationship issues, or mastering self-discipline; really, there are myriads of lessons to be learned.  But one lesson we all eventually need to learn is how to balance our male/female sides with our mortal/divine elements so that we can some day reunite with our Twin Soul. 

     And if you've felt that tug from your Twin Soul cord, perhaps that's your lesson this lifetime.

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