Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cords and Connections, Part 2

    Last time I wrote about how our connections not only run in our direction (which we empaths are all so keenly aware of), but they run outward to others as well.  I recommended that we endeavor to keep our thoughts and emotions in the positive as much as possible, and above all, honest.

    A story about the last point.

     A few years ago, I knew a man who seemed very eager to appear positive and upbeat no matter what.  If things were going poorly, he would paint a smile on his face and keep his vocal inflections high and animated.  When his favorite dog died, he did the same thing.  His voice and his face said, "I'm doing great!" but I could feel the anger and pain beneath it all.  It was a weirdly dissonant experience to be around him when he was like that; his appearance and the actual emotions that he tried to keep covered (but which I felt) did not jive.  It was like watching a lighthearted comedy with a Hitchcock movie soundtrack. 

     So, for that reason, I'm going to expound on honesty in emotions.  I don't think it's possible (unless you're a Buddhist master) to always stay positive in emotions.  Sometimes life hits us hard.  People we love die or leave us; tragedies happen; illness or pain strike us.  I think it's fully appropriate to feel grief, or sadness, or frustration at those times.  But the key is to feel those things and then let them go.  The more we wallow in those darker emotions, or the more we resist them, the stronger they become. 

      I know that my Twin Soul has felt darker emotions because I've felt them through our connection.  And I've felt similar things myself, which I'm sure were transmitted to my Twin.  But I try not to let my emotions become my master, and to work through them so that I can wake up in the morning and rejoice that the sun still shines and that life continues.  That is the message I hold for myself, and for all who are connected to me.

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