Saturday, October 22, 2011


     When I was studying Huna, the native spiritual practice of Hawaii, I learned about how we connect with each other.  It explained a lot to me about what I experience as an empath.

     According to Huna, when we touch or emotionally connect with another person, an invisible filament (I think of an unseen spider-web) connects the two people.  It is called an aka cord.  Over many contacts with that person, the cords become thicker and more numerous, but they exist even if we have just one contact with a person. 

     So, imagine that whatever the other person is experiencing can travel along that aka cord and affect us.  We may feel their physical pain (like headaches), or their irritations, or their joys, or whatever else.  And being empathic means that we are more aware of those messages being sent along the aka cords.  Even when we're alone, we empaths are never alone.

     So, imagine what the connection is like between ourselves and our Twin Soul, who is our very essence, our other self.  The aka cord must be very strong, because it connects us as the most primal level.  It was created the moment our souls decided to split and has existed over all these life times since.  And we can still receive messages, even if our physical lives don't cross.

     It does make life interesting.

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