Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Thinking Behind the Thinking

     As I was searching for understanding about what Twin Souls were and what it was that I was experiencing, I was leaning on the thinking that every high school English teacher pounds into our brains.

     You know -- research, verify, cite. 

     I didn't feel right about trusting just one cultural tradition's viewpoint (or Max Freedom Long's interpretation of it).  So, I decided to research other traditions, other sacred writings, other theories, other viewpoints.  That led me on quite a long search.

     But one thing guided my thinking:  rationalism (see previous post).  Yep, Gandhi may not have approved, but the scientific method (or my English teacher's indoctrination) fueled my search.  I felt like if my experience were to be trusted, then it needed to be explained using logic, it needed to be found across many traditions, and it needed to have analogous situations in the natural world.

    Strangely, that led me into the world of channeling.  More about that next time.

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