Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Channeling, Part 2

     In my last post, I sounded a little harsh in my judgment about channeling. Sorry about that.  However, I do feel that channeled information can be tainted by one's ego and its little wants.  Here's how I know:

     I channel, too.  (Shh.)

     In learning how to channel, I came to know how the ego can interrupt or even distort the information that is coming in. Getting the ego out of the way is still a challenge.

     As I learned more about Twin Souls, you can imagine how many times I asked my guides about what it meant, and if I had pinpointed the right person as being my Twin, and on and on.  Yeah, I asked.  About forty thousand times.

    And how many times did my ego get in the way?  Well over thirty-nine thousand times.

     That's why I prefer to look at sources that are outside the influence of my ego (if that's possible).  And that's why I continued the search in the wisdom traditions of the world about Twin Souls.

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