Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Twin Souls Search & Channeling Sites

     In the early stages of my search to understand Twin Souls, I did what most everyone else on the planet does -- I googled it.  Ten years or so ago, what came up most were channeling sites on the subject, and they ranged from interesting to goofy to downright scary.

     An example.  I was reading a twin souls board where people wrote of their experiences, and the mediator came in now and then with posts about how he wanted to travel to southeast Asia to find his young (14-year-old, as I remember) twin soul that he had been dreaming about, and how he was going to take her and wrap her in his arms and . . . . .


     So, I did some research on what exactly channeling was.  It's common among all wisdom traditions, from the shamans in native cultures to mystics in religious traditions.  It means that one opens oneself up to information from the Source, usually conveyed through some spirit guide or angel, and then presented either in verbal form or written down. 

    Here's the problem:  the information is only as pure as the channeler is.  Think of it this way:  the information is pure spring water, diverted through the spirit guide, and then poured through a funnel -- the person who is channeling.  The sense I get is that the information can be tainted if the funnel is not clean.  Imagine pouring water through a dirty funnel.  The result is dirty water.  And what can dirty a funnel?  Well, anything that we humans are prone to -- selfishness, ego, control, pride, and on and on. 

     So, I've learned to take channeling with a large grain of salt.  This is not to say that no channeled information can be trusted, but I choose to verify it with other sources. 

     And so I continued my search to understand Twin Souls.

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