Saturday, December 10, 2022

A Helpful Video for Empaths, Part 2

      Did you watch the video?  Should I have alerted you to the fact that puppets were involved?  They were effective in getting the point across, don't you think?

     So, let's review.  Mr. Gupta gave us four points to remember when in a social situation where we are feeling empathically bombarded.  They are:

A is for Awareness and Acceptance.  We are aware of our own energies, we are aware of the energies and emotions of the other person, and we accept that they are going through their experiences, but we are NOT responsible for taking on their pain.  

B is for Boundaries.   Do we need to remove ourselves from the situation?  Or can we maintain our energetic boundaries, like an energetic bubble that Mr. Gupta describes?

C is for Compassion, first for ourselves, and then for the other person.  Are we filling ourselves up with loving energy towards ourselves, so that we can sit with this person and objectively be with them without becoming an emotional dumping ground?

D is for Discernment.  As we hold an objective, compassionate space, we discern whether the person just wants to be heard, or are they ready to move forward?  Of course, we don't tell the person what to do, but if the person is ready, perhaps we can ask some leading questions so that they can find their own way. 

     Very helpful advice, wouldn't you agree?   

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