Saturday, November 5, 2022

Irritating Commercials (Rant Alert)

      Have you seen those commercials where an above-average-looking person is driving a huge, gas-guzzling vehicle over mountain roads or over rocky terrain or in the middle of some wilderness?  They look like they are enjoying the experience, connecting with Nature and all that.

      And in every single commercial, they have their windows ROLLED UP.  So much for connecting with Nature.  It looks more like Nature dominance, if you ask me.  Not to mention how much damage the car is doing to the countryside or how many carbon emissions it is putting in our atmosphere.  And with that attitude apparently selling automobiles, it makes you wonder if humankind realizes how it got into the dire environmental predicament it finds itself in.  Duh!

     So, in honor of Indigenous Peoples month in this country, I would like to offer some ideas on how we can better relate to our precious Mother Earth.  Stay tuned.

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