Saturday, January 29, 2022

Manifesting, Part 2

      Last week we were discussing the proper attitude to take when manifesting our desires.  We always must keep in mind that we work as co-creators with the Universe and must submit our wills to whatever is best for our spiritual evolution.

     That said, I think a lot of instructions for manifesting miss two key points.  First, it is important that we always remember that our desires, if manifested, will affect others.  I think it is best if our desires will affect them positively and help bring healing and growth to all involved.  For example, if you desire to manifest a million dollars, how will that affect your family?  Your friends?  Your city?  The needy ones in your life?  It's good to consider those things.

     The second things that many manifesting instructions miss is the role of emotions.  The Universe, it seems, is attracted to strong emotions.  So, as you build the picture of your desires, be sure to involve your emotions.  If you desire a new car, what will it feel like to drive it for the first time?  How will you feel when you look at it in your driveway?  What sort of fun could you have with it carrying your friends around?  How deep is your gratitude for it?  Hold those positive emotions for at least a minute every time your build your mental image of the desired thing or situation.

     At this point in our world, I would hope that we could all spend some time visualizing a better future for others besides ourselves.  What would a better city look like?  A more just society?  A healthier environment?  A healed Earth?  We need so much positive direction and healing, in so many ways.

     Please be a part of that.

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