Saturday, April 18, 2020

Yet Five More Things I've Learned from COVID-19

     Reading the news about how people and leaders react to the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me a few things about human nature.

1.  People can react either out of fear or out of love.  The former buy guns and stockpile supplies, while the latter express gratitude and compassion to others.  Although it's hard at times when things seem so out of control, I try to act out of love as best I can.

2.  In times of crisis, people can turn their fear into anger and aggressiveness.  This manifests as putting blame on other people or countries, being threatening, or turning inward and ignoring the needs of others.  This is an opportunity to pull our fractured nation and world together and work as one.  Let's do that.

3.  Our leaders show their true values in times of crisis.  I've noticed that they either put money and the economy first, or they put people and their wellbeing first.  My personal belief is that you can't have an economy without people, but I suppose there is some merit to the idea that if you have a healthy economy, then people can take care of themselves.  Still, if both the economy and the people are ailing, let's put people first, shall we?

4.  Viruses have no nation, creed, ethnicity, or religion.  It is universal, just as the human soul is.  I think people are coming to the knowledge that we really are all one.

5.  We are living through extraordinary times.  Let's be remembered for rising to the occasion and showing our best selves.  We can overcome this.  We're in this together.

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