Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Wonderful Guidebook for Empaths, Part 3

    I'm still gushing about Dr. Judith Orloff's terrific and useful (even lifesaving!) book, The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People.  How much grief I would have been saved if I had known about how to deal with energy vampires.  Here's how to know if you've run into one:
  • You feel suddenly tired
  • You are suddenly in a terrible mood
  • You feel sick
  • You don't feel seen or heard
  • You reach for sugar or carbs to cope
  • You start to self-doubt or criticize yourself
  • You feel suddenly anxious, angry, or negative
  • You feel shamed, controlled, or judged
     Dr. Orloff then discusses the seven types of energy vampires and how to handle each one.  She talks about the Narcissist, the Rageaholic, the Victim, the Drama Queen/King, Control Freaks and Critics, the Nonstop Talker, and Passive-Aggressive People.  I can point to past bosses who fit into at least one of those categories.  If only I'd known how to handle them!  Well, save yourself some of the grief I've experienced and buy this book.  Yes, right now.  

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