Saturday, January 14, 2017

Resistance is Futile, Part 2

     In less than a week, our country will have a new leader and a new direction.  I, like many of you, feel a deep sense of foreboding about this change, and have been at a loss about what to do.

     As we discussed last week, resistance is futile because of a fundamental truth:
Resistance breeds resistance.
     So, if we shouldn't resist, what is the best response?

     I see it as threefold: 
  • Understanding
  • Standing our ground
  • Educating through how we live our lives
     First, we need to understand that a large portion of our country, and even our world, feels under-represented by the government, fears the changing demographics in our society, and worries about how the economy of the past no longer serves them in the present.  They worry about the many changes they see, and worry about how they will provide for their families.  These are understandable points of view. 

     Second, we need to learn to articulate our point of view without becoming argumentative.  Remember that resistance breeds resistance, so act with compassion and an open heart.  When we start to engage our emotions in the debate, it becomes a shouting match and both sides lose.  State your position with compassion (not an easy task, I know).  When you hear of a factoid from the fake-news machine, state the truth.  Do not allow falsehoods to go on uncontested. 

     Third, we need to walk our talk.  Do you believe in certain causes?  Then, donate time or money.  (Some of these causes might include women's rights, racial justice, environmental protection, animal welfare, and so on).  Call or write your governmental representative if you see a proposal that you disagree with.  Act with justice and compassion.  Show kindness.  Help in the evolution of society. 

     It takes all of us, each individual, to do our part and show a better way.  We have work to do.

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