Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Twin Obsession

     Twins have fascinated us humans for eons.  What is it about twins?  Is it because twins sometimes share a closeness that we can only imagine?  Is it because twins sometimes share a unique language, verging on telepathy?  Is it because twins can sometimes feel each other over long distances and sense when the other is troubled?  Is it because twins remind us of something far deeper, far more profound, as in the essence of our own soul's nature?

     Let's look at some twins through history and see if it speaks further about our soul's essence.

     Take ancient Greek myths, for example.  The twin children of Zeus and Leto were Apollo and Artemis.  Zeus was adopted as the god of the sun and Artemis (later, the Roman goddess Diana) represented the moon. 

     How often have we seen reminders of that, even in wall decorations?  Perhaps it is a reminder, at a deep level, that our whole essence is a combination of the male (sun) and the female (moon) and that this points to our eventual reunification with our Twin Soul. 

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