Saturday, February 28, 2015

Some Wonderful Quotes

     At my bedside table is a small stack of books, which change from time to time.  At present, I have a small book on top of this stack:  The Quiet Mind.  It's a terrific little book and contains some pithy words such as these:
"Be true.  This is the essence of the spiritual life.  The note of the spirit is sounded on the higher planes, and the knocks you receive in everyday life are to test you, whether you can ring true.  To ring true you must always sound the note of God, or good, which is within you."
Or this (for us Type A's):
"Have confidence in that divine Love which holds you close.  You have nothing to fear, and if you don't know which way to go, stay where you are.  Just be still and quiet and you will find how remarkably conditions will work out for you.  So much tangle is made by this eagerness to get on with something.  You only get into a muddle and then have to retrace your steps.  Be still and trust in God."

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