Saturday, February 21, 2015

A New Driving Technique

     I hate to admit it, but I'm a little bit of an impatient driver.  Just a little bit.  Like, it's a good thing that my car isn't loaded with a cannon because, really, there are some drivers who should just go ahead and meet their maker just for driving with their blinker on for more than five miles or blasting me with their angry music or tailgating or texting while driving and weaving all over the road because they aren't paying attention . . . really, that cannon would take out a lot of traffic problems and things would move along much more smoothly . . . except for the divots . . .

     But I digress.

     But all that impatience isn't good for me, and isn't very spiritual either (not to mention the homicide issue).

     I have learned, when I start to feel that tight, irritated urge to honk the horn or hit "fire" on the car cannon, I take a deep breath and say,

"Thank you for the opportunity to learn patience."
     And, you know, it works -- at least 90% of the time! 
     For the other 10%, well, beware of the divots.

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