Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Excellent Mystery

     You know how you back to some books you haven't read in years and find them fresher and deeper in meaning than the first time you read them?  Well, I've been slowly working through my old collection of Ellis Peters mysteries, and was reminded of how she (the author's real name was Edith Pargeter) could construct a story that really tugs at the heart.  I just finished An Excellent Mystery and highly recommend it.

     It takes place during the twelfth century, in a town in England not far from the border with Wales.  A monk who has a nose for solving mysteries and helping people reach their destiny, Brother Cadfael, helps to provide aid and comfort for two new brothers at the abbey.  One, it turns out, was a heroic leader in one of the crusade wars in Jerusalem, and the other is completely mute and provides a puzzle for Brother Cadfael to solve.

     I can't give away too much (it would definitely ruin the ending), but this is a story that examines the true nature of love.  Not romantic love as much, but deep, everlasting, do-anything-for-you love.  Agape love, if you know what that is.  A beautiful story, and a most excellent mystery. 

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