Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Meditative Experiment, Part 2

     In a post from a couple of weeks ago, I described how I practiced the YHWH meditation while waiting in the doctor's office.  Not only did it calm me, but it may have calmed people (or at least a crying child) in the vicinity.

     Which got me to thinking . . . .   What if meditation techniques like this, which focus on breathing out peace into the world, really had a measurable effect?  And what if this technique, among other meditation techniques, were practiced on a regular basis by scores or hundreds or even thousands of people worldwide?  What could the results be?  Less anger and violence in our neighborhoods and cities?  Fewer children experiencing abuse?  Perhaps more compassion felt by people for their fellows?  Could the trajectory of this planet be turned around? 

     I challenge you to devote ten minutes a day in a meditative state, focusing on breathing out peace and compassion into our world.  Remember, we are nothing more than conduits of the divine.  Please avoid the trap of believing that you, as a single human being, have anything to do with affecting these changes.  The emptier you are, the better it works.  Let it flow. 

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