Saturday, July 21, 2012

What's the Lesson Here?

     I'm sure we are all still reeling from the horrible news coming out of Colorado.  Twelve people killed, dying in a senseless act.  Let us all send our most compassionate, loving thoughts to the families of those lost, as well as to the family of the perpetrator of this horrific act. 

     From a soul perspective, what is the lesson to be learned?  Why did these people die?  Why did this young man feel he had to act out in this way?

     Perhaps it's about how fragile life is, and how every day needs to be cherished.  From this viewpoint, there are no ordinary days.

     Perhaps it's about how we can see the depths of evil, and still know that love is so much greater, so much deeper, so much stronger than that.

     Perhaps it's about how isolated some of us feel, and how we allow those who are so isolated to remain that way.  I don't know yet all the details of why this young man snapped, but he clearly felt friendless and emotionally remote.  Could anything have been done to help him prior to this?

     Perhaps it's about how our culture has been so saturated with violence that we keep seeing these kinds of acts happening over and over, and after a while, we feel no shock anymore when another tragic event happens.  What is it here that we need to learn so that we don't keep seeing these tragedies repeat themselves?

     I wish I had the answers.

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