Saturday, July 28, 2012

Another Twin Soul Movie

     I was thinking the other day of a sweet, though not profound, movie I enjoyed (somewhat guiltily).  I think that one of the reasons I didn't consider it profound is that one of the actors has a naturally deep voice, and I've found that such people need to vary their vocal inflections more in order to avoid sounding sonnambulent.  Sorry, that's really picky, but I'm tuned into vocal sounds -- what can I say?

     The movie is "The Lake House" (click here if you're interested in purchasing it).  It tells the story of two people who are connected through a magic mailbox at a lake house, and are able to communicate to each other across time.  Yes, they live two years apart, she ahead of him, and they reveal their most intimate selves to each other in these letters.  Of course, they fall in love.  The problem is, how will they ever be together?  And will fate cruelly intervene?

     I think the most appealing thing about this movie is that is speaks to one of our most widely-held beliefs about Twin Souls, which is that we must undergo a series of difficult trials in order to be together.  In my belief system, Twin Souls need to become balanced between their mortal and divine selves, and their male and female personality characteristics, before they are ready to join.  I think "The Lake House" showed how both characters had to overcome their primarily left-brained way of thinking (male essence) and open to the mysterious, to their heart-center, to their female essence. 

     So, take an evening to enjoy this movie.  And listen to how Christopher Plummer uses his voice --brilliant!

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