Saturday, June 23, 2012

Perhaps Some Answers?

     I've been reading a very interesting book about a hypnotherapist who was able to regress his clients to their Bardo time, that is, their time spent in the spirit world before being reincarnated again.  I'm only on chapter four, but being a curious type, I've already investigated the index in back.

     I've long been bothered by the Twin Soul concept versus the idea that we are all One.  Does that mean that some are more One than others?  In other words, why this dramatic pull toward my Other Half, when in reality we are all equal parts of the Universal All?

    Up to this point, I've looked at it as a pyramid, where all the individual blocks form to create the one structure.  In that view, each level has fewer and fewer blocks at each level, meaning that as we move up or ascend in our spiritual growth, we unite with other blocks (souls) to create this new level.  That made sense to me in terms of how we unite with our Twin Souls. 

    But in the index of this book, I found the tantalizing idea of "parallel lives."  I'm hoping the author will explain it more as I go along, but does this mean that souls split, like Twin Souls, but not ALL souls do that?  The plot thickens . . .

     Meanwhile, if you'd like to check out the book I'm reading, Journey of Souls, you may click here.

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