Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Busy Signals

     I once knew a woman who believed that her Twin Soul worked at the same office as she did, and she noticed that whenever she chose to wear a certain color, so did this man.  If she wore blue, he wore blue; if she wore green, he wore green, and so on.  She could also sense his moods from far away, and would know if he was extra busy, or stressed, or happy about something.  Sadly for her, she was a divorcee and he was married.  Twin Soul relationships are sometimes like that.

     I was thinking about how sometimes I go through periods where I sense the thoughts and moods and some physical sensations from my Twin Soul.  Then, there are times when I don't feel my Twin at all.  I asked my guides about it and they replied (woo-woo alert!) that when I am busy, or my Twin is busy (and we often are busy at the same time, it seems), the focus on the outer world will crowd out the sound of the inner world.  It's like my busyness constricts my ability to feel my link to my Twin.  It also happens when my Twin is busy -- that link is constricted by my Twin's busyness as well.  I think the periods of busy signals at both ends tend to happen at nearly the same time.  I've gotten used to it over the years, although I do miss that feeling of sensing my Twin through the day during our busy times. 

     Here's hoping that life will slow down a bit for both of us soon.  I miss our link . . .

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