Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Solstice and a Balancing Act

     Tomorrow is the winter solstice, according to my calendar, and we celebrate the dominance of the female essence (night, moon, mystery) over the male (day, sun, actuality). 

     Funny how our lives don't reflect it.

     The female essence is also about receiving, being, contemplating, nurturing.  The male essence is about giving, doing, going forward, conquering.

     And what do our lives reflect right now?  I know that I've been in the throes of doing, conquering my "get-it-done" list, always being on the move, giving unto others until I hurt myself.

     Perhaps I, like many others, need to step back and breathe the sacred feminine into my life so that I can regain balance.

     Sure, there are a lot of things to get done, but can I open myself to taking time to be as well as do?  Am I able to receive as easily as I give?  Am I able to focus on the important things -- family and friends -- ahead of all the preparations of the season?  Am I willing to nurture myself as much as I provide for others? 

     May the Solstice bring us balance and wisdom for the days ahead. 

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