Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pin Balls, Turkeys, and Humble Pie

     Remember my Thanksgiving mini-rant about the yahoo, I mean, dear soul who pulled right in front of me, causing me to screech to a stop and miss the turkey, I mean, blessed heart by mere inches?  Of course, that implies that I'm always a wonderful driver and never do stupid things.

     But the Universe does have a way of showing us up.  Well, I was on the highway the other day and really thought that the lane I was pulling into was completely empty, I mean, for miles there was nobody there that I saw, but somehow when I pulled into that lane, I sort of, heh-heh, accidentally mind you, cut someone off. BEEEEEEP!!! Oops.  My bad.  Must have been the glare, right?  I really am a good driver, honest!

     I think it serves as a reminder that we are all learning and growing, and occasionally we (and our issues) run into other people.  It's part of life.  I think of it as a bunch of pin balls running into each other, and from those run-ins, we grow.  We can't stay on the sidelines and expect to grow much. 

    I think the lesson here is when some pin-ball runs into us, we need to act with compassion, because chances are that we have or will do the same thing to another person. 

     In the end, we're all turkeys.  Myself included.

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