Saturday, February 17, 2024

What If . . .

      I've explored the whole notion of Twin Souls for a long time, as you know, and lately have begun to think about how the idea might be a kind of steppingstone in our evolution as a species.  Let me explain.

     My mind has revolved around these questions:  What if Twin Souls are a symbol of the balance of the masculine and feminine energies inside ourselves?  What if that balance is required for the next step in our growth?  What if the idea of the union of Twin Souls is a symbol of our unity with all of humankind?  What if that idea of human Oneness is a necessary step to creating a new world, one of peace, justice, compassion, and truth?  

     You know the old axiom:  As above, so below, and as within, so without.  I am coming to believe that the Twin Soul concept points to a necessary inward balance as well as an awareness of our unity with all humanity.  There is so much to ponder.

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