Saturday, September 3, 2022

A Find in the Spiritual Fiction Category

      I was away for a few days and wanted a new book to read, so I did a quick search in the category of "spiritual fiction."  I needed a break from some of the heavier reading I had been doing lately, and it sounded appealing.  Sadly, book publishers do not seem to offer much in this realm.

     It's a pity, really, since people seem hungry to explore spirituality in various forms, and the fictional realm lends itself to delve into how facets of spiritual traditions (or non-traditions) can work in various situations.  Not only can the reader experience a different life in a different time and place, but also the character's belief system and how it helps or hinders them.  

     That's my reasoning, anyway, in why I decided to write The Gemini Bond.  I wanted to see how various characters would react when confronted with unusual circumstances and how their belief system might evolve or change.  

     But book publishers don't seem to see the market for this and the choices were few.  However, I was lucky enough to find a book that I have come to enjoy very much.  I'll share that with you next week.

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