Saturday, August 13, 2022

A Relevant Rant, Part 2

      Last week I was ranting about how for-profit private prisons, paid for with our tax dollars, are profiting on the "selling" of prisoner labor to local and national businesses.  I believe this to be another form of slave labor, and it infuriates me.

     I also promised that this was relevant to this blog and begged your patience.  So, here it is.

     I have said many times that in order to be ready to join with our Twin Soul, we need to first balance the male and female parts of ourselves.  So many of us in the New Thought realm prefer to stay safely nestled in the patchouli-scented Land of Om.  We like to keep our energy high and unflustered, our mind at peace.  I totally understand that and believe that it is an important part of self-care (maybe without the patchouli).  

     But that is staying solely in the Feminine part of ourselves.  We are nurturing ourselves, and perhaps those around us, and contributing to the All with peaceful thoughts, but please look around!  More than this is needed right now.

     We need to balance that with the active, Masculine part of ourselves.  We need to act, people.  

     Look around.  Not only are people being treated as expendable resources, but many, if not most, companies operate on the model of profit first, people second (or last).  Our leaders have taken that model as they put their own re-election ahead of legislation that may help people and the planet.  Power and greed seem to run this planet right now, and we are reaping the results.  The climate is heading toward a catastrophe, and the human species, along with many others, risk extinction.  (On my darkest days, I think that perhaps the human race deserves it, after how they have treated this planet and each other).  I believe that some of the things we are experiencing right now -- mega storms, record-breaking floods, severe droughts, huge fires, pandemics and so on -- are just the warning signs of what could come.  

     Action is needed.  We need to stand up and call upon the Masculine parts of ourselves.  More on this next week.

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