Saturday, April 9, 2022

A Must-Have Book for Empaths

      I stumbled upon a book that struck me like a lightning bolt -- a book that I wish I had met years ago.  I speak of Anita Moorjani's Sensitive Is the New Strong.  What a wealth of understanding and wisdom!  I would urge you, if you are an empath, to check this book out.  

     If you do not know Moorjani's story, she had a four-year battle with cancer, which she almost lost in 2006.  Her organs were shutting down and she very nearly died.  She had a Near Death Experience.  But then after experiencing the unconditional love and wonder and enveloping lightness of the Other Side, she came back to life in this earthly plane. It changed her life.  Not only mentally and emotionally, but her cancer-ravaged body spontaneously healed and she recovered fully from the cancer.  

    Her return to normal life, however, was difficult because she was so fundamentally changed.  She learned that she was an empath, and had been a sensitive person all her life.  However, those very traits had some dark sides, such as being a people-pleaser and a door mat.  She spent most of her life trying to make others happy at the expense of her own happiness.

     And she believes that this trait is what caused her to become ill in the first place.  So, she had to learn how to be an empath, and embrace all those gifts, but not at the expense of her own happiness.  That is what this book teaches -- how to use the powers of the empath without depleting ourselves.  Get this book.  

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