Saturday, December 4, 2021

The Gift of Presence

      As we approach the holidays with all its frantic energy and endless tasks, I would like to off a new way to give a special gift.  Give the gift of presence.

     First, be present to yourself.  Rather than having your mind constantly engaged in what you need to do next, take a few moments to breathe.  Feel the air enter your nose, go down your throat, into your lungs, and feel your stomach expand as you take in that breath.  Hold it a moment and, as you exhale, feel how it leaves your lungs, goes up your throat and out your nose again.  Feel how that air nourishes your body and slows your mind.  Practice this often.  While standing in line, while waiting for others, while stuck in traffic -- the day offers many opportunities to be present if you pay attention.  

     So, dear Reader, give yourself the gift of being.  Amidst all the doing, you can still experience and savor the moment.  You deserve that gift.

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