Saturday, April 24, 2021

Some Quotes for Earth Day, Part 2

      Here are some more inspiring quotes:

As long as we insist on relating to it strictly on our own terms -- as strange to us or subject to us -- the wilderness is alien, threatening, fearful.  We have no choice then but to become its exploiters, and to lose, by consequence, our place in it.  It is only when, by humility, openness, generosity, courage, we make ourselves able to relate to it on its terms that it ceases to be alien.  (Wendell Berry)

Love is a powerful tool, and maybe, just maybe, before the last little town is corrupted and the last of the unroaded and undeveloped wildness is given over to dreams of profit, maybe it will be love, finally, love for the land for its own sake and for what it holds of beauty and joy and spiritual redemption, that will make [wildness] not a battlefield but a revelation.  (T. H. Watkins)

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