Saturday, March 6, 2021

A Book to Treasure

      With the continuation of the pandemic and the need to avoid public places like bookstores (sigh), I've been exploring some of the books that have been sitting on my own bookshelves for years.  And I came across a real treasure.

     Entitled Heaven's Face, Thinly Veiled: A Book of Spiritual Writing by Women, this is a compilation of writings from women across many centuries, many different spiritual traditions, and in many forms.  Poetry, essays, letters, book excerpts; Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, traditional; voices from centuries ago to contemporary writers -- they are all represented here.  Many of the writers were unknown to me, which was a special treat.  And some of the writers that I did know expressed themselves in ways that were unexpected and very touching.  

     I don't think I ever read this book all the way through before.  I must have just peeked at different sections here and there.  I do recommend that you take the time to read it cover to cover.  The compiler and editor, Sarah Anderson, did a wonderful job of organizing the chapters into seven topics:  the world as a work of art; aiming at the highest; finding a constant source of pleasure; burning with fire; lost in the abyss; grace under pressure; and how this life is the germ for the next.  It's fascinating that despite the differences in life circumstances or the time in which they lived, so many writers echoes each others' sentiments on these topics.  Get this book.

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