Saturday, October 17, 2020

A Book for Our Times, Part 3

     The last couple of weeks I was describing the powerful, relevant book Dialogues with a Modern Mystic by Andrew Harvey and Mark Matousek.  While they touch on many subjects, my ears (or eyes) perked up when I read a passage that touched on one of the themes of The Gemini Bond.  That is, that Twin Souls are symbolic of what must take place internally for us to evolve spiritually.  Here is how Mr. Harvey says it:
The Christian alchemists tell us that when in our being we have completed the sacred marriage of opposites, of the male and the female, the sun and the moon, the dark and the light, the conscious and the unconscious, we become a sacred androgyne-child, free of reason's madness and the ego's frivolous gloom, free of all conscious and unconscious barriers and definitions, mysterious and complete as reality itself and one with its mystery in the ground of our perfected being.
     That deserves some pondering, don't you think?

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