Saturday, September 19, 2020

Are You Being Vigilant?

     We have talked about this before, but with elections coming and misinformation flying like bees on spilled soda, I would like to remind you to stay vigilant.  There are those who have a vested interest in making you angry, outraged, or afraid so that they can bypass your rational mind and have you behave in ways that would benefit them.  Remember -- if you feel your emotions getting aroused when you see things on TV, hear them on the radio, or see them posted in social media, take a moment.  Step back.  Breathe.  Ask yourself -- Is this true?  Have you checked it with  And then take one more second.  Ask yourself -- Who benefits from spreading this (mis)information?  And what actions do they want me to take?  Why?

     Don't be a puppet.  Be wise.  Be vigilant.

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